Friday, January 31, 2014

fun finds: top valentine's day gifts for dads

1. buoy by turnstone -- i get it. it may not seem like the likely top pick for our valentine's guide....but i'm telling you this: it's amazing. genelle and i have been testing out the buoy's in our own homes for a few weeks now and we are seriously in love. i am such a convert to this awesome chair that i have donated my previous desk chair and i am never looking back. they have a large variety of color variations to choose from so there is sure to be one to fit your valentine's style. it will be the best valentine gift he has ever received. truly. 

2. bose quiet comfort headphones -- the very best for the daddy that travels or needs to get some work done at home and might need a little help drowning out the noise from your munchkins.

3. mens leather travel case -- why should us mama's have the cute travel toiletries bag? give your love one of these beautiful, personalized, leather ones.

4. love quote -- "every story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite." add a beautiful new piece of artwork to the walls of your home or of his office. it's truly lovely. 

5. love shirt -- tell your man you love him with this fun, artsy love tee. he is bound to feel the love but not get teased by his friends.

6. jack black luxury shave set -- there is just something super sexy about a really close shave. i love the look of an old fashioned save set on the counter and who doesn't love a really, smooth face on their love sometimes?

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