Thursday, January 16, 2014

fun finds: skincare must-haves

it is a new year and with that comes resolutions. both mine and genelle's birthdays are in december. i suppose, that because of that, we have always made resolutions regarding how we want to live the next year of our life due to our birthdays and not really because of new years. both of us are now, every day, inching closer and closer to being 40 in 2014. (eek). it seems like such a big number. 40 carries a lot of weight and significance for me. because of that i, for one, have a giant boat load of resolutions for this year of my life. goals to reach before i am 40. my goals include adventure and lifestyle changes, but mostly they all revolve around allowing myself to make me a priority. something i think that a lot of moms are bad at. so, this year, i resolve to make myself a priority. not at the expense of my kids, mind you, but to be a better me for myself and for them. 

one of my resolutions to make myself a better me is skincare. there is no gentle way to put it. i suck at taking care of my skin. truth. prior to my birthday, i think the only time it was washed clean of make-up was in the shower. i have good skin genes....i have been lucky....but this luck does not last forever and, from this point on, i resolve to make my skin a priority. 

i have already noticed a difference with my new skincare regimen and am still exploring and looking for new products to try that will help me age gracefully (or not at all).  here are my skincare must-haves for the month:

mama mio - eye know all-in-one eye serum
8 hours of sleep in 60 seconds. i am in love with this eye serum. it feels amazing and i can already notice a difference. genelle is hooked on it too. it's a must-have.

using this devise has truly transformed the way i wash my face. it is simple to use, is rechargeable and waterproof. i keep it in the shower and i am shocked at how much cleaner and softer my face is now that i started using this product. 

i met a woman that had the most fabulous skin, even though she was much older than i. she swore by this product and i had to try it (they carry it at costco). it is expensive, but the difference in my face and hands is noticeable. 

roc max resurfacing facial cleanser
this product, combined with the clarisonic has made a huge difference in my skin. it exfoliates gently and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. love.

if you know of a product that i need to try, let me know. i am looking forward to trying new things and finding out what works best for me.

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