Sunday, January 5, 2014

fun finds: new year, better me. health and fitness must-haves.

every new year, i (along with most of the rest of the world) resolve to make myself healthier in the year to come. let's face it...the years aren't helping me in my being and looking fit process so it is up to me to get myself moving. i love finding little items to help me on my fitness path. if you are like me, anything can help. here are some of my newest fitness finds.

activity tracker:
bowflex boost
i am a bit of a fitness junkie. i don't really love to exercise, but i love the way it makes me feel and i am obsessed with all of the wonderful technology out there that helps to make it so much fun. i have tested out a lot of different activity trackers and really love the simplicity of the boost combined with awesome technology (it is surprisingly hard to find both). the boost tracks everything from steps and distance to calories and sleep. it syncs super easily with it's free app on my iphone and i am able to set my own personal goals, share with my friends via social media *and* the battery lasts up to 11 days without having to charge it---yes, please!! the simple, modern, streamlined design makes it good for both men and women and i really like how easy it is to adjust to a tiny wrist like mine (first world problems, i know). 

sports bra: 
champion marathon sports bra
let's face one wants to see the girls in all their glory bouncing around while i exercise. one. i need a bra that can hold everything in place no matter what i have going on. both of us gals have been testing out this sports bra and this one has done the job and kept "the girls" in one place. mission accomplished. on top of that, it's made with a fancy new quick-dry fabric that dries fast, is super smooth and soft (so, no chafing) and we both loved the racer back straps that were adjustable for a more custom fit. they just released this sports bra and i have a feeling it is going to be flying off the shelves.

exercise pants:
lululemon wunder under crops:
 i know that the ceo said some really, really stupid, mean things....but their pants.....the pants really, really make your booty look amazing. for that, i will do anything....including ignoring someone whom has already been fired and replaced due to their stupidity. three cheers for beautiful booties everywhere.

gym bag:
zella quilted gear duffel bag
my gym has shower facilities. yep. they are spa-like and clean and wonderful. this alone makes me want to spend the extra time after working out to shower...but, who am i kidding? the gym could be not so nice and i would still probably take advantage of the uninterrupted shower time without my kiddos. i love my kids. their commentary on my body when they pop their head in through the shower curtain? not so much. i've got my eye on this cute gym bag to bring back and forth to the gym with my loot. cute, huh?

water bottle:
lifefactory flip-top glass bottle
i love the lifefactory water bottles. i love water bottles period and own way too many of them. it's a problem. i liked the lifefactory bottles before, but now that they are available with a flip-top i just swoon. they are available in lots of colors and the perfect size for the cup holder on the treadmill or elliptical. heaven. 

pain gel:

arnicare gel

it's true, getting into shape can be a painful process. sometimes i need some instant pain relief. this gel is great to help take some of the post work- out edge off. a natural topical pain reliever, arnicare doesn't just mask pain; it works naturally with your body to relieve pain so you feel better faster. when you’re determined to see your “get fit, stay fit” new year’s resolution through, pick up a tube of this non-prescription gel at your local drugstore. 

motivational towels: 
words to sweat by- mantra towelsi don't know about you, but i sweat. there is no "glistening", no light perspiration. there is usually enough visible sweat that it looks like someone accidentally dropped their full water bottle on my head. it's a mess . for the sake of all those in my proximity, i keep an exercise towel handy. while wiping off the perspiration flood gates, i get to read inspirational words to push me along. it's clearly a win-win.

this is perhaps the greatest motivator for my getting healthy resolution. the place where i exercise offers free child care. child free exercise and then a hot, uninterrupted shower? that's as close as i'm going to get to a vacation for the foreseeable future!

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