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holiday gift guide: top gifts for little boys

last week we posted our first post on our holiday gift giving guide. if you missed our favorite arts and crafts for this christmas, you can find them here. today we are continuing our gift giving guide with our favorite gifts for little boys. we have a lot of little boys...six between the two of us. we have managed to collect a lot of toys for young boys over the last ten years. this year, our little men are dreaming big. here are some of their favorites and ours.

gifts for little boys:

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my boys have always loved to play with cars. this toy allows them to charge little cars and then race them against each other. it isn't without some disappointment but they learn to both win and lose...and have fun along the way. the speed of the cars is a thrill and my boys were in heaven with the micro chargers.

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my three year old is possibly the biggest mike the knight fan you will ever meet. he is over-the-moon about the tv show so....when mommy brought out the glendragon castle there were shrieks and screams of excitement. his favorite thing to do is play with the castle while simultaneously watching the show so he can reenact the scenes he is seeing. too cute!

vtech switch & go dinos - jagger the t-rex dinosaur

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switch and go dinos have monopolized the christmas lists of both of my boys this year. jagger the t-rex is the biggest of all the dinos, standing at 16" tall. my boys love transforming him from a dino to a construction crane easily. their favorite feature is being able to command "jagger" by using one of 20 voice commands he is programed to respond to. mommy loves the dino facts that "jagger" is teaching them while they are playing. jagger the t-rex is a family favorite and sure to make the little dinos in your life happy. 

playskool rescue bots -- "blades" the copter-bot

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rescue boys are the transformers made for preschool aged kids. both my three and 5 year olds are completely obsessed with the robots that transform into rescue vehicles in order to help those in need. each rescue bot transforms easily without any help from a grown-up. our family in particular loves that they are small enough and compact that they can be transported easily to and from the car, tag along while running errands or make the perfect travel companion on a trip, whether by car, train or plane. 

fisher-price mike the knight: mike's magical transforming sword

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the little boy in your life will love playing with mike's magical transforming sword. this adorable toy is the perfect child-sized treat. my toy testers loved the fun sounds and phrases and had fun creating their own adventures. the secret transforming surprise: turn the handle and pull the sword from its scabbard and it magically transforms into a glowing torch light. Replace the torch, turn and pull from the handle … and it turns back into a sword! this is sure to be a hit for the little knight in your life!

nerf walkie talkies

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walkie talkies are great for boys of all ages. period. my boys cannot get enough of playing with these things. to be honest.... i love them too. i have an extra one that i keep in the house. as my boys have gotten a little bit bigger and have ventured out to ride bikes in the neighborhood or go to a friend's house down the street, i have them take one of the walkie talkies with them and leave one for me. when it is time to come home, i just give them a beep and home they come. it is a perfect toy for them and for me.

fisher-price octonauts octopod playset

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my littlest ones are lovers of all things playhouse disney. the octonauts are one of their favorites. this fun play set allows them to use their imaginations while reenacting all of their octonaut adventures. i love toys that encourage make believe and the use of their imaginations. this one is perfect.

knex value tub 400 pieces

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boys love to create. they love to build. they are generally pretty great at it. we've come to love k'nex. the boys can be occupied for hours creating new buildings, vehicles or other creations. the best part? you can break up their creations and let them start again. endless fun!

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this little coloring book is one of the greatest things ever to take in the car or out and about with you. have an antsy child in a restaurant? fill up the pen with a little bit of water and let the child color away. the pages are colorless when dry but when colored with the water pen, the pictures come to life. when the pages dry again, they go back to white. reusable, no mess, and portable. it is a must have!

what else is on your boys' wish lists this year? please let us know what we should add. happy shopping!

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