Wednesday, December 4, 2013

diy: chevron christmas wreath

this christmas, i decided to come up with an easy, modern and inexpensive holiday wreath for my front door. i am obsessed with the chevron print and decided to figure out how to incorporate it into a wreath.... i hope you like what i came up with using minimal supplies and money and you love it as much as my family does!

supply list:

•wreath form-- i used a green, 18" styrofoam, but you can use another size or type.
•green chevron fabric (i purchased a yard, but didn't end up using it all).
•red chevron fabric (i purchased a 1/2 yard)
•tacky glue


cut the green fabric into strips 2" wide (you can use less or more depending on the size of your wreath).

tightly wrap the green strips around the wreath form, overlapping to hold in place (see photo below for close-up detail) and to be sure the base material is covered. (i used tacky glue on both ends of each strip to ensure they are held in place once dry). 

once the entire wreath is wrapped in green chevron fabric, cut two wide (5" or more) strips of the red chevron fabric. use one to loop around the top of the wreath (to use for hanging) and use the other strip to tie into a bow and attach to the top of the wreath (like shown).

overall, this was a very simple craft to make and is a fun, festive holiday greeting to hang on the front door to your home. i hope you enjoy! 

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