Wednesday, December 11, 2013

holiday gift guide: stocking stuffers and gifts for moms

moms can sometimes feel like the hardest people to shop for. here are a few of our favorite things this season to inspire you and help to make this the happiest of holidays for you and the mama in your life. enjoy! 

book phone charger

i love etsy. it's an amazing online marketplace filled with wonderful biggest problem is not buying something everything i start to browse. i stumbled across rich neeley's store quite some time ago and fell in love. rich creates these wonderful book phone chargers that are adapted to your model of phone---he even makes versions to accommodate your ipad. there are countless titles available--there is sure to be one that is the perfect fit for you. just imagine how cute this looks on your nightstand?! stylish + functional = perfection.

clarisonic 'mia'

the clarisonic mia has changed my skin for the better. it's easy to use, charge and is waterproof so i can keep it in the shower to use. my skin has never felt cleaner and been more clear.....what mom doesn't want that?

hayden reis -- beach bag
hayden reis and the lovely ladies from palm beach lately have teamed up to bring you an exclusive limited addition sail cloth tote.  this bag is made of 100% dacron sail cloth, lined with 5 interior pockets, nautical sailing rope and mint stripe with leather club applique design. it is even available with a monogram *swoon*. genelle and i are huge fans of hayden reis--their products are functional and durable yet so fashionable. i own a couple but have had my eye on this one to add to my collection. this bag would make any mama on your christmas list happy. it is a must-have in my opinion!

leather leaf leather bracelet 

I have quite a few bracelets from leather leaf. i found them on etsy and love that they will custom engrave sayings, names or anything on a bracelet of your choice (many colors are available). they now have the ability to have custom handwriting onto a bracelet. hand write a short message or signature and have it laser engraved into a leather braided bracelet....or use the handwriting of a loved one that has passed or your child's writing. makes a great personalized gift, or a one-of-a-kind treat to yourself!

i love getting jewelry as gifts. this piece from stella and dot has become a staple for me and I wear it all the time. i wear gold, but if you like, it also is available in silver. i love to throw on jeans and tee's and when i wear this necklace it makes me look much more stylish and put together than I deserve..... and what mom doesn't love that?! 

up by jawbone

up by jawbone is such a fun way to track steps, miles and workouts. i love that it syncs easily to its app by plugging it into my iphone and it holds a charge for days. up by jawbone even has a nifty alarm feature that gradually wakes me up (at a set time) by gently vibrating on my wrist so i (and everyone else in the house) are not awaken by a loud buzzer or music. i also love that it comes in so many colors--you are sure to find one that is the perfect color for someone special on your shopping list.

kindle paperwhite

a tablet is a must-have for the book lover in your life. i have used many, but the new kindle paperwhite is the best to date. it is compact, easy to use and holds more books than i could read in a year. heavenly. 

hydro flask insulated stainless steel coffee/tea/water bottle
my dear friend, darcy came to visit me a couple years ago in san diego and accidentally left her hydro flask in my car. she told me that i could keep it and thus started my love affair with the hydro flask. if i fill it with tea or coffee, it will stay warm all day and if i fill it with something cold and icy, it stays colds *with ice cubes still in it* hours later. every member of my family has one and i couldn't say enough about the product. the perfect stocking stuffer for moms and anyone else.

jo malone
jo malone's fragrances are so wonderfully refreshing and light. the sent does not overpower and is simply divine. the best part is that her fragrances are made to be layered so pick up the gift set and let your loved one custom make her own fragrance depending on the day and her mood. 

charm necklace
most moms i know *love* to have some sort of symbol of their kids and loved ones to display. i love the way that stella and dot allows you to customize with so many variations of styles and symbols to come up with a necklace that is as unique as you. what a thoughtful gift to find under the tree.

hanky panky underwear
moms are great at buying for everyone in their life except themselves. buying new, sexy underwear doesn't always rate high on the list. do your wife (and you) a favor and pick up this cute gift box of hanky panky underwear to stuff the stocking. hanky panky's are so comfortable, yet sexy and any woman would be thrilled with new underwear. 

have you ever wished you could walk in oprah's shoes? well, now you can. oprah is a huge fan of tieks and they are taking over the world of the ballet flat. said to feel like "walking on air" the tieks shoes are on my christmas list. i love that the already come wrapped in a cute box topped with a flower. a successful gift and no wrapping to do or pay extra for? what are you waiting for?

mac lipgloss
i don't wear a lot of make-up, but one thing i love to have in my bag to throw on and instantly feel a little better is lip gloss. this gift set makes a wonderful stocking stuffer and is something fun that i wouldn't buy for myself. 

simple silhouette pendant necklace
i found this lovely shop on etsy a while back and *love* their silhouette necklaces. the silhouettes are generic and not an exact match of your children, but I love mine that symbolize my little men and get so many complements on it whenever i wear it. 

a-z leather pouch
i am in love with this super cute initial tote and think it is the perfect gift for the gal in your life. it could be used as a clutch or even as a make-up bag....either way it is all sorts of adorable and i need it, in "h" of course ;-)

happy shopping! 

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