Tuesday, December 17, 2013

mmmmm: nutter butter reindeer cookies

christmas seems to have sprung up fast on us this year, if you are looking for a fun, simple holiday cookie to make with your kids or bring to an event, this is it. the boys and i had fun making them and they turned out super cute. enjoy!

ingredients needed:

nutter butter cookies
tube of black gel icing 
red m&m's
jar of white icing
candy eyes
package of pretzels


open nutter butter cookie (remove top from bottom)

break pretzels to resemble antlers

dip the ends of two pretzels into the white icing and insert two pretzel "antlers" at the top of the nutter butter cookie. place the top of the nutter butter cookie back on top to sandwich the antlers in. 

add two small dots of white icing and add candy eyes. repeat by adding one red m&m "nose".

draw a small "mouth" with the small tube of black gel icing and you are done!

how cute are they?! 

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