Friday, May 17, 2013

friday fun finds: hayden reis bags

a couple of weeks ago nellie and i spent the weekend surrounded by inspiring brands and bloggers at an event called mom 2.0. the fact that it was going to be held at the incredible ritz carlton in laguna niguel was a big bonus.....another bonus was having the privilege of sporting our own hayden reis bags and accessories. 

yep. all packed up headed from san diego to laguna. yes---it is only an hour drive. yes---we were only going for the weekend.....but a girl's got to be prepared. we joked and called ourselves part kardashian and part clampett. sad but true.

hayden reis is catching the attention of people everywhere, from celebs to mamas like us. hayden reis is a line of high quality bags made in the usa of fine sailcloth (water-resistant, sand-resistant and durable). they are amazing beach bags for that summer vacation you are planning or local romps to the beach....they also make a great pool bag, accessory for a park picnic or a fab weekender bag. nellie and i even used the wristlet for a pop of color while out for a dinner event! 

while we dreamed of using our bags while lounging at the pool or beach (which did happen once, briefly). the reality was that we were so inspired and fortunate to listen to so many amazing speakers, connect with brands we already loved and meet so many quality women (and men) that we ended up using our bags mostly indoors. we were on our feet for most of the days and our bags were filled to the brim with business cards, our water bottles, ipads and fantastic swag. the bags were so well made that our shoulders didn't  hurt and we had *so many* people coming up to us asking us where they could get their own hayden reis. the cute bags we sported were striped and the largest "ditty totes" style. the hayden reis line also features a range of style and sizes of bags to fit every event or lifestyle. 

look! my bag even made an appearance in the dove suite during our shoot!

another favorite feature is that the tag is attached with a super cute hair tie!! they think of everything!!

we didn't even get the chance to show off the beach buds/swimsuit bags or sunscreen bags! be sure to follow our instagram, facebook and twitter feeds because this girl is going to be at the beach and the pool *a lot* this summer and you will for sure see them popping up in pictures throughout the next few months. 

you can find hayden reis bags for purchase online and in a growing number of retail locations. you can also follow them on facebook, instagram (@haydenreis), twitter and pinterest

happy shopping! hope you enjoy the bags as much as we have! 

Disclaimer: Nellie and I were provided with product samples but all opinions are solely mine and/or hers.