Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a summer craft for kids of all ages: rose art color blanks

between the two of us, nellie and i have 7 kids.....and that makes for a lot of summer entertaining trying to keep them busy and happy.

we were fortunate enough to have the awesome people at rose art give us enough of their new color blanks for our kiddos to test out. color blanks are these super cool figures that are made out of a fantastic shatter-proof plastic. the individual sets come with three markers, some awesome decals and glue dots to allow for maximum creativity....and the rest is up to you.

sadly, nellie and i live on two different coast so our munchkins were not able to create together....but yesterday we both let the kiddos loose on the color blanks in california and north carolina and waited for their imaginations to run wild.

the kids all had a good time and it even kept our 3 year olds entertained! (a *huge* miracle bonus).

in the end, they each had a creature that they were proud of and are able to play with and not risk breaking ----a win-win in my book! i love that they each used their own imaginations and every figurine came out looking unique.

so, if you are looking for a fun and fairly inexpensive craft to entertain the kiddos this summer, pick up a color blanks by rose art---you will be happy that you did. 

Disclaimer: Nellie and I were provided with product samples but all opinions are solely mine and/or hers.

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