Wednesday, January 18, 2012

mother of the year

about a week ago, i sent my two year old to school in pajamas for his pajama day...only, i had my days wrong and he was the only child in his class dressed up that day. luckily for him, he's two and his pajamas pretty much look similar to what i've seen other kids wearing in his class on normal days. still, i pretty much felt like i definitely deserved the "mother of the year" button for that one. there are days when i feel i deserve the free t-shirt, the pageant sash, the button and the tiara for my mothering skills. still, i know i'm not alone.

one of my girlfriends made the same mistake with her son...only he was in an upper primary grade. nothing screams years of therapy like sending your nine year old son to school in pajamas on the wrong day.

over christmas the stories multiplied. one of my mom friends put her child's backpack away for the christmas break and took it out the night before school started only to discover that it was full of a "fun" family project that was supposed to be completed over the break. oops. another friend got her girls ready to head back to school after the break and then was informed that christmas break had ended the day before. oh well, what's one more day off?

my best parenting moment came last year as i busily tried to get my son and daughter into preschool one morning. normally there is a drive-up drop off but this time i had snacks and other extras to bring in so had to park and walk them into their classes. i finally got them settled inside and then walked back to my car, sat down, and about jumped out of my skin as someone made a noise behind me. i thought some evil intruder had managed to hide in my backseat, ready to pounce, until i realized, nope, that is the baby...the one i totally forgot about as i was dropping off my other two. there was my one year old smiling in his pajamas with his pacifier, ready for the rest of the day. try to top that one!

what about you? i know i'm not the only one out there who's accidentally made some less than stellar mommy moves. it's time to bust out your best stories...