Monday, May 16, 2011

nice to meet you.


i'm chach. i am a 30-something old mommy to two little boys (one
and three), happy wife to mr. a and caregiver to a crazy, sweet and
spunky weimaraner.

what you should know about me: i exercise so i can eat. i love to eat.
i think peanut butter and chocolate is the most perfect duo. i think a
girl should eat dessert, and never order a salad on a date. i like a
family-friendly decor with fun surprises found in pops of color or
something re-purposed in a new way. i don't like to cook, but i do
love the feeling that putting a meal on the table for my family gives
me. i am perfectly imperfect and am learning to embrace my flaws and
imperfections for what makes me who i am. i strive to be happy and
content every day and try to be the best wife, mom, friend and
daughter that i can be.

i believe in pedicures. i believe in green, the color not the
lifestyle (although, more power to the people living the lifestyle. i
admire you. truly. it's just not for me. don't judge.) i believe in
slurpees, a great glass of red wine shared with a good friend and
great, honest conversation. i believe in resolving conflict whenever
possible and in keeping the peace. i believe in miracles, in a really
good cheeseburger, giving back more than i take and in the quality of
a good education. i love travel and long to see every little corner of
this big, amazing world & to give my children the gift of perspective.
i try to look for the good in every situation. i believe that taking
time for me makes me a better wife, friend and mommy....and i
whole-heatedly believe in saying "i love you" enough that the people i
cherish will not have any doubts that i do.


i'm nellie, a 30-something woman with five amazing kids and the coolest husband ever. my five kids (boy-9, girl-7, boy-5, boy-3, and boy-infant) keep me insanely busy and test my patience daily and i wouldn't have it any other way.

what you should know about me: i sing...all the time, everywhere, i sing. i'm one of those annoying shoppers that sings through target, can't seem to help myself. i love good food. i love to cook it and love to eat it. cooking has become my creative outlet and like it or hate it, my kids eat it. i'm not a short order cook. i actually enjoy going to the gym, partially because there is free childcare and partially because it means i can purchase a chai tea latte from starbucks on my way home guilt-free. i have a kid friendly, child-proofed home that still manages to be grown-up enough for me to enjoy. i have come to accept that at this stage in my life, i will never have all the rooms completely clean at one time. i'm okay with that.

i love learning new things. i love to garden and i'm trying to love eating the vegetables i'm growing. i love projects. i think pedicures and hair cuts are necessities. i love to travel and live in new places. i can't wait to open the world up to my kids. i believe in laughing really loud. i believe in consistent discipline. i believe that everyone should learn a foreign language. i believe in big hugs and kisses. i believe i was made just they way that i am for a reason. i love long phone conversations with great friends, tomato-basil soup, good books and seeing how much i saved at the end of each shopping transaction. i try to remember that in this season with small kids, the days are long but the years are short. i believe in enjoying my kids and my husband. i believe these years are going to fly by and i don't want to miss a minute of it.

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