Wednesday, May 25, 2011

superhero mommy

my seven year old came home from school yesterday with a fever. this might not seem odd to most people but the boy has missed only one day of school this year and that was because he threw up on school bus on his way home one afternoon and i made him miss the next day. he was mad i made him miss it. the kid is hard core.

yesterday was different. his fever was low grade, only 100.4 but he had a sore throat, a stomach ache and a headache. i have friends who have shared their knowledge with me so i tried to pool from my storehouse of sick-kid information. those four symptoms, fever, sore throat, headache and stomach ache are all signs of strep. i felt ridiculously like the over protective mother as i brought him to the doctor and asked for a strep test. a sore throat for one day and i'm already in the office? i was sure they were going to think i was neurotic. the thing is, i was right. he has strep. i'm not going to lie, i felt like a rock star. one throat swab and one round of antibiotics and he'll be as good as new without having to suffer for days and days in the process. there are some mommy moments where i just want to raise my hands in victory. where's that dress-up superhero cape? i may just need to wear it for a while.

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