Tuesday, September 1, 2015

my fur real moments

i am a mother of five…and the owner of two very pretty cats. in that order. with five kids in the house, the cats probably don’t get the attention they deserve. they really are beautiful and incredibly low maintenance. still, with all the people in and out of my house, they sometimes get lost in the shuffle. every now and then, they stand up and beg to be noticed. in those moments i can’t help but laugh at their antics. they are like little puppies. they eat food scraps that the little kids drop, refuse to drink from a water bowl and only drink from a running faucet, love to sit on the backs of any chairs in the house and take over the kids’ backpacks as soon as they get home from school. they follow me from room to room, fight often with one another, sit on every piece of clean clothing from the dryer and cry at the door when the kids are outside playing. they are, in a word, a little odd. still, we love them and the five kids are learning a ton about caring for others by caring for them.

i speak the truth. only from the faucet.

as they follow me around my house, i will occasionally snap a picture of them doing something that makes me laugh. with all the crazy in my day, i'll always take a little laughter. as they look at me snapping their pictures, i can almost hear what their little brains are thinking. 

seriously? will i ever be able to go to the bathroom in peace?

rachael ray and the lovely people at nutrish pet food are celebrating those funny moments when you just know you are a pet owner. we have so many of those little moments in our house. with this contest, you can upload a photo of your pet doing something fun and create your own meme for your pet photo with pre-selected phrases from nutrish. head over to www.nutrish.com and start making your memes. they have their own meme generator to easily create the best possible meme and photo. each photo created will automatically enter you in the "fur real pet moments" contest with a chance to win $1500 and a year's supply of rachael ray's nutrish pet food. what? how great is that? 

this took two seconds and i'm entered to win!

we have been huge fans of rachael ray and her nutrish pet food for years now. for rachael, food equals love, whether she is cooking a meal for friends or working with pet nutrition experts to create delicious recipes for your family's furry companions. we love that the food is made with simple ingredients that our cats love and that, with every purchase, rachael gives back to pets in need. rachael's personal proceeds from sales of nutrish go to rachael's rescue...to purchase food, medical supplies and treatments for animals that need our help. if you haven't tried it already, what are you waiting for? pick some up on your next target run and see what we are raving about...and learn why winning a year's supply of pet food would be the greatest thing ever. 

head over to www.nutrish.com and make your pet meme today to enter the contest and print out a coupon for the nutrish pet food that best meets your needs. then follow nutrish on social media to see all of the great work your pet food purchases are doing for animals in need. you won't regret it!

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