Wednesday, September 9, 2015

aldi kid-made lunches day 4

ALDI school lunch challenge

if you haven't been with us this week, it's time to check out this week's posts on our $50.00 ALDI school lunches challenge. 

today the kids made one of their favorites. the school serves pizza dippers for lunches in the cafeteria but my kids are not huge fans. they decided they could make their own little pizza dippers and take them in for lunch. i asked them if they minded eating them cold and their answer was, "cold pizza is the best, mom." okay then. kid approved and easy to prepare...that's a win for me. 

aldi school lunch, day 4: pizza dippers

for today's lunch you will need:

one package bake house creations crescent rolls
4 oz. happy farms mozzarella cheese block, cut into slices
1/2 a package lunch mate salami
reggano pizza sauce for dipping
sliced fruit
nature's nectar 100% juice boxes
peanut butterscotch o's

have the kiddos careful slice the cheese on a cutting board.

they can place the 8 crescent rolls on a baking sheet and load them with slices of cheese and a slice of salami. have the kids roll up the rolls to prepare them for baking. our rolls looked nothing like actual rolls after this process but the kids didn't seem to mind one bit. 

bake the rolls at 375 degrees for 12 minutes. sit aside to cool.

place the rolls in a lunch box along with pizza sauce for dipping, fruit dipping sauce and some sliced fruit. the kids should be able to handle slicing some fruit. if they are not old enough for that, grapes are a great option. i would encourage you to have even your smallest kids do everything they possibly can to prepare their own lunch. they can bag or package everything themselves and pack up their lunch for the day.

serve with peanut-butterscotch o's for a snack and your kids are done with their lunches for another day. this recipe made enough pizza rolls for three kiddos for the week. that is awesome when you have more than one mouth to feed!

here is the best thing about my ALDI back to school lunches buy. i have prepared enough food to have snacks ready for an entire week for my kids after school. they will be thrilled to come home and already have things prepared and edible for them and i'll be happy to have one small task taken off my plate. here are a few of the snacks i have ready to go for this week...

southern grove banana chips

peter rabbit farms baby carrots

clancy's cinnamon apple straws (these will last five minutes. my kids can eat a bag at one sitting.)

impressive, right? i have nearly a week's worth of lunches for 2-3 kids and at least that much left over in after school snacks. with just a tiny bit of prep, i am ready for my week and the kids are happily satisfied. i'd say that's a win. 

what about you? what are your favorite back to school lunches for your broods? whatever you do, i would encourage you to get your kids involved as much as possible. besides teaching them responsibility and the importance of what we do as their parents, it also prepares them for the rest of their lives. that's our ultimate job as parents anyway, isn't it? happy back to school to you all! xo

disclaimer: this post was sponsored by aldi. all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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