Monday, May 11, 2015

fun finds: small space storage solutions

as i've mentioned before, the boys and i recently moved into the cutest little cottage. it's perfect for our little family, but trying to fit three people comfortable into a small, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home calls for some creative storage solutions. here are some of my favorite things that have helped us a lot transition into our home and save space. lifesavers, really.  xoxo- heather

better living products classic four chamber shower dispenser
all our products in one place, plus the added bonus of feeling like i live at a spa? yes, please. 

oxo steel kitchen tool and utensil rack
our little kitchen has awful storage, so anything i can find to help me there is a major plus. i hung this right above the range so everything is right there and easy to access when i am cooking and need them.

ouddy aluminum magnetic knife bar
all of my knives easy to access, near the sink and out of grasp for the littles. plus, it looks visually pretty with these *super* cute colorful knives....

they are so pretty and colorful and look *amazing* on the magnetic knife rack, too. 

whitmor over-the-door shoe rack
this is the best item i have. it store 36 pairs of my shoes (even heals), and it sits neatly on the back of my bedroom door and isn't in the line of sight when people come over to our home. *love* it. 

organize it all basic overdoor 6-basket unit
we are sharing one tiny bathroom, my sweet boys and is a major necessity (mostly, because i am a skincare and beauty product junkie). this little beauty hides away on the back of the door and holds a *ton*. it's a game-changer.

salsbury industries metal locker
i am currently using this awesome piece in the garage to hold of my laundry supplies. all my detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets and stain sticks are tucked neatly out of sight and stay dust-free. plus, how cute is it?!?!?

what are your favorite small space storage solutions? please, share!

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