Thursday, March 13, 2014

st. patrick's day fruit rainbow

when i was growing up, my mom did an amazing job of celebrating each and every holiday. from valentine's day to the fourth of july and everything in between, we celebrated. st. patrick's day's celebration involved shamrock cookies and corned beef and cabbage and lots of green. i am not as good at celebrating as my mom was but i still love to make each holiday special.

a fabulous mother of five served this sweet rainbow treat at a pre-st. patrick's day party and i absolutely loved it. it is so simple and, aside from finding enough rolos to equal a pot of gold, it is very easy to make and put together. if you have a get together this weekend, this may just be the perfect treat to serve to your guests...or just to save for your family's own st. patrick's day fun.

st. patrick's day fruit rainbow

strawberries, washed and halved

mandarine oranges, peeled and separated into slices

pineapple, cut into cubes

green grapes, pulled from the stem


purple grapes, pulled from the stem

one bag of mini-marshmallows

one large bag of rolos

arrange the fruit by color on a large platter in the shape of a rainbow. use the marshmallows for a cloud and the rolos for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. serve and enjoy the smiles!

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