Friday, January 25, 2013

friday fun finds: the top 10 ipad apps for toddler and preschool age kiddos

i have an ipad. scratch that. i *had* an ipad but once i learned what an amazing learning tool it is for my 2 and 4 year old boys i reluctantly quickly handed it over to them. 

i have some rules. there are no games on the ipad that are not educational in some way. there are no movies or tv shows. it is also not something that they have access to whenever they want. it is a special treat that they earn by making good choices or being a good listener and helping mommy. they will do *anything* in order to earn 10 minutes with it before bedtime. it helps me *and* helps them. i am amazed at how fast they are learning. it is not a substitute for spending time with your kiddos and teaching them and it certainly doesn't come close to being an actual teacher *but* it reinforces all of the things that they are learning at home or in school and makes learning fun for them.

first of all; i strongly suggest that you protect your ipad with a case before handing over to your little ones. here is my personal favorite:

i also *love* this number 2 pencil stylus. they are thick and easy to hold and are the *perfect* tool to help with the writing apps that are among my favorites.

and here it is.....the list that you have all been waiting for.....the *best* apps for toddler and preschool aged children:

what are *your* favorite apps?

note: i did not receive payment or any free product in conjunction with this post. all products and apps are ones i love and have purchased on my own and tested. 

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