Thursday, June 21, 2012

diy chore chart

everyone seems to have their own take on chore charts. i was looking for something that somehow motivated my children to work and still looked nice in my home. this is what I came up with. it's pretty easy and inexpensive to make and, so far (it's only been used for two weeks) the kids are pretty happy with it.

head to a home improvement store and pick up a two foot square piece of plywood. try to find one in relatively good condition without a bunch of wood splits.

in the paint department, search for a primer that creates a magnetic surface. paint the board with several coats of this primer. the more coats, the more magnetic the board seemed to be.

once the primer has dried well, apply a coat of colored spray paint. or takes a few coats for the best coverage.
purchase some wood moulding at the home improvement store. paint the moulding in a contrasting color. once paint is dry, cut the moulding to form a frame around the board.
attach the moulding using a nail gun or very small finishing nails. touch up paint.
find a fun coordinating paper. cut it into half inch strips and attach to the wood using a decoupage medium. allow to dry.

purchase empty buttons you can fill yourself. remove the pins and attach magnets using a glue gun.

fill the buttons with coordinating paper and your chore assignments.

if you are hanging your chart, attach ribbons with a glue and nail gun.

i hung mine using a wreath holder to make the buttons within reach of the kiddos...

happy choring!

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