Friday, November 4, 2011

friday fun finds: music for kids

call me crazy, but i actually *like* listening to kids music. i have so much fun singing and dancing along with my kids.....and may or may not have (on occasion) been known to listen to it when i am by myself in the car (insane. i know. i am fully aware.)

here are a few of my favorites, but i would love to know what your kids love and (secretly) maybe even you. (wink. wink.)

what did i miss? please, support my slight addiction love of children's music and let me know who/what i am missing! (please leave a comment below).


  1. My all time favorite kid's music is by Jana's a good balance of lively and upbeat along with meaningful songs as can find her CD's at My other favorite is Michael Card's "Sleep Sound In Jesus"...(not for the car!)...believe it or not, I discovered this one in college...before children!!

  2. We love all of these too. We only have 3 of them, but at least another 3 are played when we put "Laurie Berkner Band" on Pandora. My all-time favorite, though (that I actually owned years before having kids) is They Might Be Giants "NO!".