Tuesday, October 11, 2011

travel with infants--step 2: packing for onboard the plane (guest blogger: beth from cloud surfing kids)

travel with infants--step 2: packing for onboard the plane (guest blogger: beth from cloud surfing kids)

the packing can be the hardest part, so here is my advice on how/what to pack:

many people advise to pack minimally. i don't agree. you should *concisely* pack everything you need for worst case scenarios like lengthy delays, unplanned overnights, spit up, and diaper blowouts. illnesses creep up at the least convenient times. on one flight i was working a child vomited on his mom. she was soaked and had no change of clothes. it was just the start of a 7 hour flight. i have learned it's best to always have at least one complete change of clothes for everyone traveling, down to socks and underwear. bring at least 2 spare outfits for baby. always bring some kind of fever reducer just in case.

i pack the following in the diaper bag:
·      small blanket
·       6 diapers
·       travel size diaper wipes case
·       at least 3 small trash bags (for dirty diapers, soiled clothes, or trash--i reuse grocery sacks)
·       3 burp cloths
·       3 bibs if your baby is a drooler
·       2-3 NOISELESS toys (no need to annoy other passengers with anything more than baby crying.)

·       pacifier (multiple ones if baby loves paci)
·       teething tablets
·       1 change of clothes for baby including socks
·       baby sweater
·       snack for me such as luna bar, mixed nuts
·       your purse or wallet (with experience you'll be able to blend this with your diaper bag always.)
·       nursing cover (if nursing)
·       3 empty 4 oz. bottles (if bottle feeding)
·       formula (if using)

both enfamil and similac have formula packets. i love these for traveling!

 then i pack my backpack:
·       1 change of clothes for me (including underwear and socks--put in gallon size ziploc bag)
·       sweater for me
·       additional change of clothes for baby (pack in ziploc bag)
·       additional diapers and wipes (i like to bring 8-12 diapers for a 10 hour travel day.)
·       small magazine for me (don't bother with a heavy book. even if baby sleeps you'll find it difficult to focus on anything for more than a few minutes at a time.)
·       any prescription medicines for me or baby
·       glasses/contacts/phone charger/other essentials
·       ear bud headphones
·       additional snacks for me (maybe an apple and peanut butter and jelly)
·       quart size ziploc bag with baby medicines (tylenol, ibuprofen, teething gel), hand sanitizer, any other liquids you need such as contact solution/lotion/etc.
·       thermometer
in the airport you can buy water. if you're nursing you're going to be REALLY thirsty on the airplane. plan on at least 1 liter up to 6 hours. buy more water if you'll be using it for the baby's formula. you CAN bring water for bottles/mixed formula/breast milk through security, but if you're able to just buy the water in the airport it will be a much simpler process getting through security.

*Buy at least 1 liter of water for the airplane trip

you could fit all these items in just a backpack, but i find it tends to get too heavy and things become difficult to find. for me it helps keep things organized when using 2 bags. the list looks long, but almost everything is small and will fit easily in 2 easy-to-manage bags. once it's all organized and packed you'll know where everything is and you won't have the stress of needing something you don't have while away from home.

our guest blogger, beth is a flight attendant for a major airline and mom to a curious explorer, "e".  "e" earned elite status at the airline at 20 months. in her blog, "cloud surfing kids", beth gives helpful tips and insight based on her experiences.

in case you missed her first post in this series, you can find it here.

stay tuned for the next two weeks are she continues to provide us with invaluable advise for airline travel (with toddlers this time).


  1. GREAT information! It boggles my mind how much it takes. You are a great organizer. Love that.

  2. I like how you included a change of clothes for mom. I'm a mother of a 3 and 1 year old and travelled with an infant for the first time when my 3 year old was just 4 months. It's amazing how much hard work and planning it takes. I would also recommend to moms out there planning their first flight to look into getting one of those soft baby albums that the baby can browse through and see familiar faces. Happy travelling.

    1. great suggestion! thanks for sharing. :-)