Wednesday, October 5, 2011

carving forever pumpkins

i grew up in a home where every holiday was celebrated. there were decorations for each important and not so important day of the year. my parents continue to decorate to this day. here is one of my favorite of their fall decorations, forever pumpkins with the names of each can carve anything into these pumpkins and then pull them out for years to come. love it!

here are the steps:

  • purchase hollow, fake pumpkins, 3 inch stencils and a hot knife (pictured).
  • stencil the letters or drawings on the pumpkins.
  • use the narrow, sharp blade of the tool. carve out your letters being careful not to create a narrow space that will break off. (this means that you may have to adapt some of the letter shapes.)
  • cut off the lid of the pumpkin. clean out the pieces inside. use a small battery operated votive candle to light the inside of the pumpkins. enjoy!

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