Monday, March 14, 2016

march monthly must-haves: organizational storage products that will change your life

those that know me well know that i love organization. my label maker is my best friend....but the key to great organization is great products. this is the truth. 

genelle and i were sent these amazing acrylic organizers from whitmor . they are sleek and so beautiful. they are intended for make-up organization, however we both found that they work so well for organizing hair accessories and jewelry, too. we love how the well designed organizer makes it so easy to see everything that you have in there. you know, not like the drawer that you currently have everything shoved into. (wink, wink). 

whitmor 5 tier acrylic cosmetic organizer 

what i learned, after falling in love with my organizer is that i actually already own and use a ridiculous amount of whitmor brand products (no joke)! the following are other organizational products that i use and love and that changed my disorganized life into organized bliss. try a few...they will change your life.

whitmor over-the-door shoe rack
this is the best item i have. it store 36 pairs of my shoes (even heels), sits neatly on the back of my bedroom door and isn't in the line of sight when people come over to our home. *love* it. i even own a second one for the kiddos shoes. now all of their shoes are tucked nicely behind the door and not thrown all over the closet floor. it's a minor miracle!

whitmor storage cubes

love the locker-style look these give in a boys room or can provide in a garage or mud room. i personally use mine with canvas storage cubes to hide some of the toys and clutter that my little men accumulate. 

goodness, does wrapping paper take up so much space! it was overtaking my hall closet, until i found this simple case. it fits perfectly under my bed and is there in a snap when i need to wrap something but stays tucked away until then.

whitmor shark collapsible cube

these canvas cubes (and a couple other styles) are the cutest things. not only are they an adorable addition to the decor of a playroom or bedroom, but they are so functional. from matchbox cars to rescue bots and pokemon cards....there is a bin for everything. 

what are some of your favorite organizational products? 

xo- heather

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