Friday, February 19, 2016

color your stress away

i have been under an exorbitant amount of stress the past few years due to all sorts of unexpected curve balls and sucker punches. 

despite the blows, i have been able to keep a positive outlook on life by utilizing mantras like "just keep swimming", focusing on the positive as much as humanly possible, leaning on fantastic friends and family for emotional support.......and unexpectedly, i have found a recent love for adult coloring books. yep. it sounds a little weird, right? i am myself guilty for judging the recent craze before even giving it a try....and i can now say that i totally get it. i have been drinking the coloring kool-aid and it's deliciously calming and wonderful. added bonus? i have beautiful artwork to write notes on for school lunchbox surprises for my littles. (who doesn't need a little rockstar mom moment?!) what are you waiting for? try'll like it. 

stress relieving animal designs

stress relief coloring book: garden designs, mandalas, animals, and paisley patterns

secret garden: an inky treasure hunt and coloring book

swear word coloring book 

okay...not going to work for lunchbox notes.....but it's fun and would make a perfect gift for the stressed out mama in your life

color me fearless: nearly 100 coloring templates to boost strength and courage

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