Saturday, December 12, 2015

holiday hostess gifts for any party

'tis the season for holiday parties. i love them...each and every one but i struggle to find something to bring for the hosts and hostesses. this year, i have it covered. i made a trip to ALDI and was able to purchase a beautiful basket full of products that anyone would love for their holiday meals or just to snack on while preparing for meals with friends. i know i would love to receive a basket full of this goodness so i'm counting on others feeling the same.

holiday hostess baskets

making your basket:

  • you will need a large basket. you can find these at a variety of places. one of my favorite locations to purchase baskets is at marshall's or home goods. we have both about two miles from my house and they always have a wide variety of baskets at reasonable prices.

  • purchase a couple of beverages of your choice. ALDI has a great selection of reasonable wines. during this time of the year, i am also able to find sparkling juices for gift baskets for friends of mine who do not drink alcohol. these are always a great place to start and do wonders for making a basket look festive.

  • buy a large selection of holiday and seasonal items from ALDI. i love this time of year at ALDI as they have a huge selection of their Specialty Select items for the holidays. we found a beautiful orange cranberry sauce, adorable striped bowtie pasta, chocolate covered cashews, chocolate coated butter cookies, lacey dark chocolate almond crisps, delicious Moser Roth chocolates and a host of other items to include. 

  • load up your basket. i like to place the wine bottles/sparkling juices in the back of the basket followed by the larger and taller items and concluding with the smallest items in the front. i want everything to be visible from the front of the basket.

  • end with something festive. add a lovely red bow. i included a simple christmas ornament that can be added to their christmas tree. something small will be perfect to accompany all the food goodness and will add something personal to your gift to others.

the basket took no time at all to put together and, as the majority of the purchases were made at ALDI, it was extremely easy to gather all the necessary items as well. it is the perfect little "something" to say thank you for a holiday invite and it is sure to bring holiday cheer wherever you go. i feel merry, bright and hungry just looking at it!

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