Wednesday, August 12, 2015

back to school: 5 must haves to battle the back-to-school germs

we have received promotional consideration from kinsa, inc. as always, the opinions are our own. 

summer is almost officially over and kids are starting back to school across the country. (i can almost hear the collective cheers of our fellow mamas and dads).

one thing i always struggle with when the kids start back-to-school is them inevitably getting sick. it always seems to happen, right?! i send off healthy kids and within a couple weeks (maybe a month, tops)....i get sick kiddos.

over the years, and with 7 kids between us, genelle and i have figured out the best products to help us battle the sick. these are our products that we can't live without and keep us sane during the sick. stock up!

keep the sickness at bay

kill, kill, kill the germs! disinfecting wipes are a must have, especially in homes of boys. from bathroom cleaning to food spills, these wipes save me year after year.....

hand sanitizer is a must to beat the sick season. both of my boys have these in their backpacks. they are also the perfect size to keep one in mama's purse or in the car.

once the sickness hits

i really don't know what i did before this genius product. the kinsa smart thermometer is not only reasonably priced (ships to you for only $29.99), it's easy to use (armpit, oral and rectal with 10 second read time) but it also tracks temps for every member of your family, as well as symptoms conviently on your phone all while keeping the kiddos happy with an awesome bubble popping game to play.

have you ever had to take middle of the night temps and then try to remember them when you go into the pediatrician the next morning? it's next to impossible, right?! as a mama of one sweet boy who has suffered from high fevers which have resulted in 2 sets of ear tubes, having to have his adnoids removed and also many febrile seizures, i am no stranger to fevers. this thermometer and app are truly brilliant. not only do my boys look forward to having their temp taken and playing the bubble game, but i have an accurate record for the entire family.

traveling with a thermometer is usually quite miserable--- it takes up too much room and you may not even need it! the kinsa thermometer is so small and portable and works with your smartphone. it is easy to bring anywhere!
the kinsa smart thermometer is truly a must-have to battle the new school year sickness. if you don't already own one, you need one. truly. you can thank us later. 

disposable probe covers are perfect for covering up the kinsa smart thermometer, take up no space and are easy to change in the middle of the night temp taking.

if a fever strikes, our kiddos all love boo boo buddies. they store easily in the freezer without taking up a ton of space, and come in all of our kiddos favorite characters from minions to princesses.

what are your essentials? do tell!

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