Thursday, June 11, 2015

heather: june monthly must-haves

monthly must-haves are one of my favorite posts to write. i am a total product junkie, so it's my time to shot it from the rooftops, eer...internet...the best of the bests. so, here you have it....just like julie andrews in sound of music (minus the nun part, and most of the other parts) "here are a few of my favorite things":

hagerty silver foam silver cleaner
my sister and i both have a collection of beautiful wallace silver bells for our christmas trees. we have been getting one a year for most of our lives and so now we both have enough for a whole tree full. they are stunning, but only when polished. we looked into taking them to a jeweler to get polished and the prices were insane. we tried the polishing cloths and some of the tricks one finds on pinterest and nothing worked well. enter hagerty silver foam. it is crazy easy to use and i had a bell polished and shining in under a minute my first time out. it's truly a must have if you have silver that needs polishing in your home. 

if your parents forget their internet passwords as much as mine do, this is the perfect gift. it's even in large format and makes it easy to have all the passwords stored in one safe place. heck, i might even get one! 

i love a family run business almost as much as i love a good story, and this brand has both. 

their products are derived from locally sourced depleted vegetable oil, refined into bio fuel and then beautifully converted into exceptional glycerin soap, glycerin lotion, and soy candles.

and their story is crazy amazing. they should for sure have a reality show. i would watch it. read more about them and their process here. their products are sustainable and all-around wonderful. and the smell?! we are talking fragrant oils of bergamot, olive and grasses are combined to create products that are at once fresh, sustainable, and pleasingly aromatic. i'm not sure how they turned the bio diesel byproduct into such an amazing product that smells great....but, i'm sure glad that they did. i'm personally in love with the hand lotion and soap, but you should also check out their entire line of products that also include a candles, dish soap and bar soap. you will be happy you did. pinkie promise. 

i am one of those rare people that actually flosses daily. yep. you heard right. (don't judge). there is something about it that is calming for some reason. i love these floss sticks by glide. i have tiny, short teeth that are tight together. these little picks glide quickly between each tooth and i keep them in a little jar canister on the counter so i remember to daily. 

i have never been much of a coffee fan, but i love ice in pretty much anything. with single parenthood now on the table and two ever-moving little boys this mama had to figure out a way to get some caffeine into her system STAT. enter the iced coffee maker by mr. coffee. i can have a pitcher ready to go in the fridge and i just add ice and milk and off i go. happy, caffeinated mama!

i don't know about you, but lice *freaks* me out!!! my littles have yet to have it (did i just say that out loud?! where is some wood to knock on?!) one of the reasons i think we have been so lucky isn't luck at all. fairy tales makes a whole line of lice repelling products from shampoo to gel and i am addicted to them all. my favorite product is the conditioning spray. i spritz the boys hair in the morning when i style it and they have a build-in, amazing smelling barrier all day long.

my kid love juice boxes, but i hate the added sugar. we love leaf & love organic lemonade because it has *zero sugar* but tastes as great as if it did. lemonade that has zero-sugar, is naturally-sweetened and is usda organic?! i am all about products that not only make moms happy but kiddos, too. 

i am having a love affair with the smell of mrs. meyer's basil *anything*. their counter spray literally makes me want to clean and the scent comes in everything from laundry detergent to hand soap and even this amazing candle. no cleaning required for this delicious smell. heavenly. 

a selfie stick may sound cheesy at first, but after having one for a girls weekend in vegas, i am here to say it is a must-have for any trip. we got some great group photos and let's face it, we all know we look better photographed from an above angle, right? selfie stick to the rescue! 

disclaimer: although we received some products for free, many are purchased on our own dime and *all* are products that we love and the opinions are all our own.

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