Monday, November 17, 2014

stocking stuffers: non-kid movies for $5 or less

we are getting ready for the holidays here at the third boob. for the first time ever, i am 99% done with my gift buying and it is not even thanksgiving yet (this will probably never happen again in my lifetime). dvd's are one of my favorite stocking stuffers. no matter the age, everyone likes to get a movie in their stocking. i have done most of my shopping online and found some awesome deals in the process. in case you missed it, here is a list of awesome animated movies for $5 or less and kids movies for $5 or less.

i was thrilled to see some of these non-kid dvd's for sale for under $5--score!



disclaimer: although we received some products for free, many are purchased on our own dime and *all* are products that we love and the opinions are all our own. also, from time to time we do use affiliate links in our posts.

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