Thursday, February 6, 2014

diy: rainbow loom school valentine with *free* printables

it's february......and valentine's day is next week?! the days and weeks and months are just flying by and here we are with valentine's day around the corner! (eek!) if you are a mama too, you know the pressure that this darn holiday can put on us. the store bought valentines are not cutting it anymore and every year it gets harder and harder to come up with good ideas.

the obsession this year with girls (and boys) everywhere are rainbow loom bracelets. kids are making them so fast that they are spilling out of homes and onto the wrists of kids everywhere. this year, if you have a kiddo that is into bracelet making have them join in the fun of making the valentines for their class! simply get them to work making a bracelet for every kiddo in the class. all you have to do is print out one of the cute printables below onto the colored card stock of your choice, cut two vertical slits to slide the bracelet through, attach a bracelet, have your child sign their name and you're done! another idea is to print out onto white card stock and then have your child color their own creation (as pictured in the hand valentine). the possibilities are truly endless and will take you as far as your imagination can. we hope this helps make the valentine process even a little easier on you. we've got your back, mamas. xoxo- heather & genelle

ps- huge shout out to the fabulous & talented miss giuliana (7 years old) who made us the awesome bracelet featured in the valentines. we adore you! xo

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