Friday, February 15, 2013

friday fun finds: fridge coaster

i have a new favorite product to share with you and it's called "fridge coaster". not only does this product make the shelves and drawers of my fridge look *super* cute but it keeps it tidy as well!

fridge coasters are super absorbent "liners" that come in tons of different sizes to fit any fridge that you may have. the colors and patterns had be sold at first glance.....i went with the tangerine color but they also have grey, pink, yellow, turquoise and purple....there is something for everyone!

my favorite places for the fridge coasters so far has been in the crisper drawers (they have kept my veggies and fruit fresher for longer)! I also love having them on the shelf where the milk and juices are---something always seems to drip and now i find myself cleaning up the fridge hardly at all! heaven!!!

some of my most favorite products are things that i didn't even know that i needed and now i can't imagine my life without. fridge coaster has found a customer for life in me. try one out----you won't be disappointed and your fridge will be the envy of every mommy that comes over!

disclaimer: I was provided with a product sample from the amazing people at fridge coaster (thank you *so* much) but all opinions are solely mine.

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