Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the fall of the elf on the shelf

i had the highest aspirations this year. i was going to be one of those crazies who has a plan for what "charlie", our elf, will do each night. i scoured pinterest. i made lists. i was organized. i even had a pretty good run. charlie was more creative than ever. i felt like a rock star.

here are some of my efforts. trust me, you'll want to save your applause until the end.

i was pretty proud of myself. i thought i was the toast of elfing mothers everywhere. 

then i got busy...and tired...and sadly forgot all of my best laid plans. the kids didn't seem too upset...until i found this note from my daughter in our office.

in case you had trouble reading it, it says: "dear santa clause, please ask our elf to move to a different place? it has been three days and he still hasn't moved. from addalynne. to santa."

yep. greatest letter ever. sadly, that is my favorite thing that has come from the elf on the shelf this year. i did move him after this...but i think i set my own standards for charlie a little too high. there was no where to go but down. so sorry, charlie. better luck next year. 


  1. Oh dear...and this is why I won't be buying an elf on the shelf. As if I don't already have enough to do for the holidays!

    Well, I commend you for your creativity. That's one busy elf! I recommend you stick him in your daughter's underwear drawer. Then you can put him in time out for being a naughty elf, and you'll be off the hook for a while. ;-)

    1. that's a perfect idea! time out is genius. i'm on it!

  2. We just got our elf this year and I don't have time for the creative poses either. So far the most creative thing I've done is stick her in a toy airplane. Otherwise she's just propped up on a different picture frame or a different ledge somewhere. I figure with a new baby on the way I'll wait a couple years more to do the creative, cute poses.

    1. you can absolutely wait! wait until they start talking about your elf in kindergarten. by then, your life will be a little easier...and a creative elf might be more of a possibility. i always say, postpone more work as long as possible...especially with a baby on the way! congratulations and enjoy you christmas!