Friday, September 14, 2012

friday fun finds: the power of the written word.....and a fabulous card

i received a beautiful card in the mail from a dear friend the other day and it made my day. the supportive, loving words that were written were exactly what i needed to hear. and then i got to thinking.....when was the last time i sent a card to someone? i honestly can't remember the last time. i would like to believe that i am a good friend. i often try to reach out by sending an email or a text to someone to let them know i am thinking about them.....but a card? nope. i can't even remember the last time i bought a stamp for pete's sake! truly. so, i am devoting this friday fun finds to the power of the written word and and a beautiful card to contain it. in fact, i am going to challenge myself to send more cards. care to join me? 

here are some of my favorites:

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