Wednesday, July 11, 2012

men and their tools

my sister, hubby and i went on a walk tonight. my man was telling one of his cool stories and talked about "humping" his way up a mountain in the jungle. well, my sister and i, having the juvenile humor that we do, couldn't contain our giggles. seriously, which male decided that the term "humping" should have a double meaning?

that led me and my sister on a good, long, laughable tangent that landed us imagining a trip to our local home improvement store. i love home improvement. i love projects. i love shopping. i love good customer service. however, thanks to men everywhere, i hate going into a home improvement store. without question, some helpful man in an orange vest will come up to me and my five children and will ask what i am looking for and how he can help me. 

here is where men everywhere have messed with women. i don't think there is a product in the home improvement stores that don't have a double meaning. seriously, hammer, nail, screw, and my least favorite of all: am i supposed to get through home depot with a straight face? i had to find a dark brown tube of caulking to match the baseboards around my flooring. how do you ask where that is located without creating an awkward customer service moment? 

maybe we should just own it. maybe we should make men everywhere as uncomfortable as we are in those situations. maybe someone should just walk in to a home improvement store and ask as many questions about caulk as she can think of, just to see what happens. if you have the guts to do that, please let me know. i'll be searching the aisles aimlessly so i don't have to use the words brown or white and caulk in a sentence together.

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  1. I was on Pinterest and pinned Disney Party themes. I clicked to the site and just started clicking on various links and somehow I got to your blog. I think it was thru Tip Junkie.

    I am 42 years old and I feel so juvenile when I laugh at stuff like this because I am usually the only laughing. Unless my husband is with me. He's more immature. I remember the first time I ever heard of caulk because it made such an impression on me. My brother and I were asking for help in a home improvement store and when the salesman mentioned "caulk" a couple of times all I could think to myself is that "I am hearing this man wrong!!" and it took everything I had to not blurt out in guffaws. When we walked away my brother had to explain that the salesman was not referring to a man's private part.
    I think I might take you up on your challenge and ask a dozen questions about caulk. Maybe after a couple of drinks.

    Also, a new follower. Please visit my blog sometime even though I haven't been writing as much lately.