Tuesday, February 14, 2012

i hate valentine's day

i hate valentine's day. it's true. the cheesy hugging stuffed animals, the bright mylar balloons, the wordy gushy love cards and mostly the pressure that we put upon ourselves to give or receive the *perfect* valentine. 

it doesn't matter whether you are married, dating someone, single, a mommy or not; valentine's day=pressure.

i think for people that are single it may the the worst holiday of the year. it singles the solos out like a bouquet toss at a wedding (something i didn't make anyone do at my own wedding because i can't stand that tradition....but i digress....).

if you are married or dating v-day means trying to find a "thing".....something.....anything that will tell that person how much they mean to you. personally, i would rather have random, small signs of love and affection on random days than on a day that is expected. 

i believe in telling everyone around me that i love them enough that they know it to be true ANY day of the year, not just on the 14th of february. i *love* being in love and i *love* romance....but i don't believe that valentine's day is either of those things. i certainly don't need an over-priced bouquet of roses, a dinner date at a restaurant that is turning over tables so fast it will make your head spin or a card with someone else's words on them to prove it to me. they are things, like toothpaste and paper towels, not love. 

having kids has redeemed valentine's day for me a little bit. i do like how excited my little ones get receiving valentine's from their friends or how a simple heart shaped muffin will put a smile on their face. there is something magical about a day where we can teach our children about what love is....i just don't like that it has turned into such a materialistic holiday. also, when did the boxes of valentine's that you can pick up at target for your child to pass out at school not become enough? i was actually embarrassed for my preschooler to be handing out the little pre-printed toy story themed cards today with the temporary tattoos.....every other child was passing out beautiful, amazingly creative valentine's. perhaps i should have taken our own advise when it came to creative valentine's, huh?

so, please tell me that i am not alone on this. does anyone else hate the day devoted to love? someone? anyone?


  1. I'm not crazy about the day, but chocolate makes it bearable!

    i just stoppred by from SITS to say hi; hope you find time to do the same.

  2. "if you are married or dating v-day means trying to find a "thing".....something.....anything that will tell that person how much they mean to you."

    I sent my husband a homemade e-card featuring the heart scene from that Indiana Jones movie. My card read 'You stole my heart, Valentine.'

    I sure do hope it helps me husband understand how much he means to me ;)

  3. I sure think it's overrated! I want flowers just because not on a day when everyone else gets them.